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Special silk printing silica QK-3012


First, the characteristics of the product

Silicon QK-3012 is transparent two-component, high strength, high transparency, high tear resistance, soft hand feeling, strong adhesion, small shrinkage rate, operational time up to 20 hours of new siliconelabel rubber;new material used in Japan advanced technology (is currently widely used in the three-dimensional trademark printing, clothing. Printer ribbon, silk screenprinting, quality products). For verycomplex shape and high precision model.

Two, property

high transparent;


 two method:

(1), the standard type (2), themachine mixing

 if making speed to control or slow down to thedeployment of curing agentamount;

 if making speed to control or slow down to thedeployment of curing agentamount;

Three, application

 suitable for cloth standard, anti-counterfeit trademarks and silkscreenprinting silica gel;

 suitable forenvironmental protection brandtrademark, stereoscopic trademark;

Controldevice, more suitable for automobile industry heating device,decorative lights, etc..

Four, technical indicators


Theproportion (23 ° C) 1.09

Hardness (type A) 30

The tensile strength of Mpa (kgf/cm2) 6.8 (65)

Elongation% 580

The tearing strength of N/mm (kgf/cm) 38 (25)

Linearshrinkage (24 hours)% < 0.1

Linearshrinkage (72 hours)% < 0.1

Five, instructions for use

The A, B agent 10:1 by weight are mixed uniformly, and vacuumexhaustbubble.

The curing time and temperature: 205 ° C/15-40 seconds (for reference only,please consider the actual operation.).

 operating time is 20 hours.

Six, packaging

The product packaging for 20kg/.

Directionfor use :

Useratio of A and B = now, before the use should be A, B component in proportionto fully mix evenly, quiet place TuoPao or vacuum TuoPao.

Don'ttouch the containing N, P, S plasma compounds and contain alkynyl and vinylcompounds, lest make, platinum catalyst poisoning and cannot cure, especiallyPVC contains Pb (lead), can make the catalyst poisoning some organic pigmentscan also lead to curing slowed or not curing.


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